Spotlight 11. Английский в фокусе. 11 класс. Книга для чтения. Гамлет. Афанасьева О.В. и др.

Учебно-методические комплекты для 10 и 11 классов завершают линию «Английский в фокусе» для 2-11 классов общеобразовательных учреждений. Комплекты созданы с учетом требований федерального компонента Государственного стандарта среднего (полного) общего образования по иностранным языкам. Основные характеристики комплекта: учет европейских стандартов в области изучения иностранных языков, развитие коммуникативных умений в говорении, аудировании, чтении, письме в ситуациях общения, максимально приближенных к реальным …

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Spotlight 11. Английский в фокусе. 11 класс. Книга для чтения. Гамлет. Афанасьева О.В. и др.

Not far from the Palace of Elsinore, the residence of the kings of Denmark, the soldiers noticed the Ghost of the recently deceased king. It turns out that the Ghost – the father of the protagonist of the work, Prince hamlet (he is a student of Wittenberg University). Hamlet is madly in love with a charming girl, Ophelia. At the beginning of the work, the young Prince is full of the desire to live, believes in the beauty and nobility of man.

However, having survived the mysterious death of his father, the king, and after the hasty and treacherous marriage of Queen Gertrude (she married the brother of the deceased spouse, false and insignificant Claudius), hamlet closes in itself. All these circumstances lead to the fact that the Prince begins to look at life in a completely new way. Overshadow the situation and rumors that crawled around the castle: allegedly at the walls of Elsinore guards several times at midnight saw the Ghost of the dead king. Hamlet’s University friend Horatio is skeptical of these rumors until he himself witnesses the mysterious appearance of a Ghost. Then he decides to tell his friend hamlet about it.

Having received this information, hamlet one night went out and watched the walls of the castle to get evidence or refutation of rumors about the Ghost. And the Prince is the phantom of his father. He tells hamlet that his death was not an accident – the king was killed by the insidious brother Claudius, he poured poison into the ear of the sleeping Danish ruler. The Ghost asks the Prince to avenge his death, hamlet vows to do everything to Claudius was punished. The next morning, the protagonist decides to pretend to be insane. He does this in order to collect evidence of the violent death of his father. Help hamlet to realize his idea friends – Marcello and Horatio, who swear to keep secret the plans of the Prince.

However, the brother of the deceased king, Claudius, is not stupid. He intuitively feels that hamlet is plotting and does not believe that the nephew lost his mind. Claudius seeks to expose the Prince and to help him in this is called Polonius the father of Ophelia. He offers to arrange a meeting between hamlet and Ophelia to overhear their conversation. However, the Prince just like his uncle isn’t stupid, it solves a purpose and while Dating is not impersonating.

At this time, a group of wandering actors comes to the Royal castle of Elsinore. Hamlet was born the idea to use the troupe of artists in the fight against the treacherous uncle. The Prince asks the actors to participate in the play. It’s called «the Death of Gonzago». In this work, the king dies at the hands of his own brother, who after marrying the Queen who became a widow and becomes the ruler. So, hamlet decided to find out what will be the reaction of his uncle, whom he suspects in the murder of his father, to this performance. During the performance, Claudius is clearly nervous, and at the end of the action completely exposes himself.

Now Claudia is growing even stronger desire to get rid of the hated nephew. Polonius advises to send hamlet to England, supposedly with the best intentions. He assures me that the journey by sea will benefit the mad Prince. To kill the nephew of Claudius, as has the support of the Danish people and does not want to lose power. Having learned about the plans of his uncle, hamlet is furious and intends to kill Claudius, but he fell to his knees and begs heaven for forgiveness for his sins. And the Prince could not kill his uncle. After all, if Claudius had been killed while he was praying to heaven for forgiveness, the poisoner would have gone to heaven. And this, according to hamlet, his uncle does not deserve.

Before sailing to England, hamlet will have a meeting with her mother. Organized a date that takes place in the Queen’s bedroom, also Polonius. During the conversation, hamlet and his mother Polonius hid behind the curtain. He intends to eavesdrop on the conversation of the Queen and her son, and then to retell Claudius. But hamlet discovers Polonium and kills him. Ophelia (daughter of Polonius and hamlet’s lover), learning about the death of his father, goes crazy.


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