Spotlight 9. Английский в фокусе. 9 класс. Книга для чтения. Пигмалион. Ваулина Ю.Е. и др.

Книга для чтения «Пигмалион» является составной частью УМК для 9 класса серии «Английский в фокусе» (“Spotlight”) авторов Ю.Е. Ваулиной и др. Книга для чтения состоит из двух частей. Первая часть – адаптация известной пьесы Б. Шоу. Вторая часть содержит задания и упражнения по прочитанному материалу, пьесу на английском языке для постановки учащимися в школе и словарь.

Формат: pdf

Spotlight 9. Английский в фокусе. 9 класс. Книга для чтения. Пигмалион. Ваулина Ю.Е. и др.

The play is set in London. On a summer evening, the rain pours in buckets. Passers-by run to Covent Garden market and to the portico of St. Paul’s Cathedral, where several people have already taken refuge, including an elderly lady with her daughter, they are in the evening toilets, waiting for Freddie, the lady’s son, to find a taxi and come for them. All but one person with a notebook is eagerly peering into the rain. In the distance, Freddie appears, who has not found a taxi, and runs to the portico, but on the way runs into a street flower girl, hurrying to hide from the rain, and knocks out of her hands a basket with violets. She’s swearing. The man with the notebook hastily writes something down. The girl laments that her violets are missing, and begs the Colonel standing right there to buy a bouquet. The one to get rid of, give her a trifle, but the color does not take. Some passer-by draws the attention of the flower girls, dressed scruffy and unwashed girls that a man with a notebook, scribbling on it is clearly a denunciation. The girl starts to whimper. He, however, insists that he is not the police, and surprised all present that accurately identifies the origin of each of them according to their pronunciation.
Freddy’s mother sends her son back to look for a taxi. Soon, however, the rain stops, and she and her daughter goes to the bus stop. The Colonel is interested in the abilities of a man with a notebook. He is introduced as Henry Higgins, the Creator of the Higgins universal alphabet. Colonel is the author of «Spoken Sanskrit». His name is Pickering. He lived in India for a long time and came to London specifically to meet Professor Higgins. The Professor always wanted to meet the Colonel, too. They are about to go to dinner at the Colonel’s hotel, when the flower girl again begins to ask to buy her flowers. Higgins throws a handful of coins into her basket and leaves with the Colonel. The florist sees that she now owns, by her standards, a huge amount. When Freddy finally caught a taxi, she gets in the car and, with the noise of slamming the door, leaving.

The next morning, Higgins shows Colonel Pickering his Phonographic equipment at home. Suddenly, Higgins’s housekeeper, Mrs. pierce, reports that a very simple girl wants to talk to the Professor. Enter yesterday’s flower girl. She introduces herself as Eliza Doolittle and says that she wants to take phonetics lessons from the Professor, because with her pronunciation she cannot get a job. She had heard the day before that Higgins gave such lessons. Elise is sure that he will gladly agree to work off the money that yesterday, without looking, threw in her basket. To talk about such sums, he, of course, ridiculous, but Higgins Pickering suggests a bet. He encourages him to prove that in a few months he can, as he assured the day before, turn a street flower girl into a Duchess. Higgins finds this offer tempting, especially since Pickering is willing, if Higgins wins, to pay the full cost of Eliza’s tuition. Mrs. pierce takes Elise to the bathroom to wash her hair.

After a while Eliza’s father comes to Higgins. He is a scavenger, a simple man, but he strikes the Professor with his innate eloquence. Higgins asks Doolittle’s permission to keep his daughter and gives him five pounds. When ELISA appears, already washed, in a Japanese robe, the father does not even recognize his daughter at first. A couple of months later, Higgins brings Eliza to his mother’s house on her foster day. He wants to know whether it is already possible to introduce the girl into society. Mrs. Higgins is visiting Mrs. Ainsford hill with her daughter and son. These are the very people with whom Higgins stood under the portico of the Cathedral on the day he first saw Eliza. However, they do not recognize the girl. Eliza first, and behaves and talks like a high-society lady, and then moves onto the story of his life and uses such street expressions that all of us only wonder. Higgins pretends that this is a new secular jargon, thus smoothing the situation. Eliza leaves the audience, leaving Freddie in complete delight.

After this meeting, he begins to send Eliza letters on ten pages. After leaving the guests Higgins and Pickering vying, enthusiastically tell Mrs. Higgins about how they are engaged with Eliza, how to teach her, taken to the Opera, exhibitions, dress. Mrs. Higgins finds them treating the girl like a living doll. She agrees with Mrs. Pearce, who believes that they «do not think about anything.»

A few months later, both experimenters take Eliza to the reception, where she has a dizzying success, everyone takes her for the Duchess. Higgins wins the bet.

Coming home, he enjoys the fact that the experiment, from which he had already had time to get tired, finally finished. He behaves and talks in his usual rude manner, not paying the slightest attention to Eliza. The girl looks very tired and sad, but she is dazzlingly beautiful. It is noticeable that it accumulates irritation.

She finally throws his shoes at Higgins. She wants to die. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her, how she’s going to live. She became a completely different person. Higgins says it’ll work out. She, however, manages to hurt him, unbalance, and thus at least slightly to take revenge for himself.

The night ELISA runs away from home. The next morning Higgins and Pickering lose their heads when they see that Eliza is not there. They’re even trying to track her down with the police. Higgins feels no Eliza as without hands. He doesn’t know where his things are, or what his appointments are for the day. Mrs. Higgins is coming. Then report on the arrival of the father of Eliza. Doolittle’s changed a lot. Now he looks like a wealthy bourgeois. He indignantly to Higgins pounced on for what was his fault he had to change his way of life and now become much less free than it was before. It turns out a few months ago, Higgins wrote to a millionaire in America, who founded branches of the League of moral reforms around the world, that Doolittle, a simple scavenger, is now the most original moralist in all of England. He died, and before his death bequeathed Doolittle pie in his trust for three thousand annual income, provided that Doolittle will read up to six lectures a year in his League of moral reforms. He laments that today, for example, he even has to officially marry someone with whom he has lived for several years without registering a relationship. And all this because he is now forced to look like a respectable bourgeois. Mrs. Higgins is very pleased that the father can finally take care of his changed daughter as she deserves. Higgins, however, does not want to hear about «returning» Doolittle Eliza.


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