Spotlight 10 (Английский в фокусе. 10 класс) Книга для чтения. Венецианский купец. Афанасьева О.В. и др.

Линия УМК «Английский в фокусе» (10-11) Книга для чтения состоит из двух частей. Первая часть — адаптация известной пьесы У. Шекспира «Венецианский купец». Вторая часть содержит задания и упражнения по прочитанному материалу, пьесу на английском языке для постановки учащимися в школе и англо-английский толковый словарь.

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Spotlight 10 (Английский в фокусе. 10 класс) Книга для чтения. Венецианский купец. Афанасьева О.В. и др.

The merchant of Venice Antonio is in mourning. His friends, Salanio and Salarino, explain his anxiety unhappy love or from-for ships with commodity But Antonio not agrees with these explanations. Accompanied by Lorenzo and Graziano comes Antonio’s relative and close friend bassanio. Salanio and Salarino leave. Graziano tries to cheer Antonio up, but he does not succeed. Graziano leaves with Lorenzo. Antonio is left alone with his friend Bassanio. And Bassanio admits that he led a rampant life and now he has no money and he wants to ask them from Anonio to go to the estate to Portia in Belmont, to a rich and beautiful heiress, in love and wants to marry her. Antonio does not have cash, but he offers a friend to take a loan for him.

In Belmont, Portia complains to her maid Nerissa that she has no right to choose her fiancé, nor to refuse, according to her father’s will. According to the will of her husband will be the one who will guess which of the three caskets is her portrait. Nerissa lists many suitors, but Portia makes fun of each. Here is Bassanio, who was a warrior and a scientist, she fondly remembers.

In Venice, Bassanio finds Shylock of the merchant, who asks, under the sponsorship of the Antonio, to lend him money for three months. But Shylock knows that Antonio’s entire fortune is now at sea. Comes Antonio. Shylock hates him for neglecting his occupation, usury and his people. In conversation with Antonio Shylock reminds about his insults in his side. Antonio borrow money always gave without interest. Here Shylock to make friends with Antonio, will give him the money in the debt without interest, but secured, a pound of flesh of Antonio, which he in the case of a penalty can cut out any part of the body of the merchant. Antonio likes that joke. Bassanio doesn’t like it and asks Antonio not to make a deal. Shylock says that he will not benefit from such a pledge anyway, and Antonio says that he will pay the debt before the appointed time.

The Prince of Morocco comes to Portia’s house to try to guess one of the caskets. The test requires an oath, which is that if he fails, he will never marry any woman.
In Venice, Lancelot Gobbo, a servant of Shylock, wants to escape from his master. He wants to be a servant to Bassanio, who is a very generous man. Bassanio takes in Lancelot. Also takes Bassanio gratiano with him to Belmont. Lancelot says goodbye to the daughter of his former master — Jessica. Jessica is ashamed of her father. Lancelot undertakes to deliver the letter, which described a plan of escape from the house, the beloved Jessica Lorenzo. Jessica and Lorenzo runs away from home, taking jewelry and money from his father. Salarino and Graziano help them. Bassanio and Graziano want to sail to Belmont as soon as possible.

In Belmont, the Prince of Morocco chose a Golden casket, believing that only there can be a portrait of a girl. But instead of a portrait lies a cautionary poems and skull. The Prince has to leave.
In Venice, Salanio and Salarino laugh at the anger of Shylock, who learned that his daughter ran away and grabbed the jewelry. Meanwhile, it becomes known that in The English channel drowned one of the ships Antonio.
The Prince of Aragon is coming to Belmont. He chose the silver casket, but there are verses and the image of the Coca-faces. The Prince leaves. It becomes known that a young Venetian came with rich gifts. She thinks that it is Bassanio.
Salanio and Solarino talking about the new loss Antonio. Comes Shylock, and they hope that even Antonio the due date of the payment of money, Shylock will not take his meat. In reply Shylock says that he will take the debt as Antonio scoffed at it in due time.

Salario and Salarino leave. Comes Jew Tubal whom Shylock was sent in search of her daughter. But Tubal couldn’t find her. He just told the rumors about Jessica’s spendthrift. Shylock is shocked by the losses. He finds out that Jessica exchanged for a monkey, a ring that his late wife gave him. Shylock curses Jessica. He finds solace in the rumours of Antonio’s loss.
In Belmont Portia asks Bassanio to postpone the choice, as she is afraid of losing him if he makes a mistake. Bassanio, on the contrary wants to tempt fate. They confess their love to each other. Bring boxes. Bassanio chooses the lead casket there is a portrait Portion, and congratulations in verse. Bassanio and Portia are preparing for the wedding, and Nerissa and Graziano are also preparing for the wedding. Portia gives the groom a ring as a pledge of mutual love. Nerissa Graziano makes the same gift.

Jessica comes with Lorenzo and the messenger who brought the letter from Antonio. In the letter, the merchant says that all his ships were drowned, that he was poor and that he owed money to the usurer. Shylock payments, terrible collateral. Antonio, says bassanio to come to him to say goodbye before he dies. Portion forces the groom to go to the aid of a friend, that he offered Shylock money for Antonio’s life. Graziano and Bassanio go to Venice.
In Venice, Shylock rejoices at the thought of revenge. Antonio is ready to die, but he wants to see Bassanio.
In Belmont Portia becomes the heiress of the estate. With the maid she goes to pray in the monastery, and she is going to Venice. To his cousin doctor rights Bellario, she sends a servant who should bring her a man’s dress and paper.

Shylock rejoices at his victory in court. Bassanio offers to pay the debt in double amount, but it does not help. The head of the calling Dr. Bellario, to before the imposition decisions consult with him. Shylock’s sharpening his knife. Nerissa enters, disguised as a scribe, and sends a letter from Bellario stating that he is unable to come for health reasons and recommends that the head of the Council call from Rome a colleague — Dr. Balthazar. Portia disguised as a doctor. She tries to talk Shylock into mercy, but is refused. Bassanio doesn’t know what to do. He is ready to sacrifice everything, even the raging wife. Graziano is also ready for anything. Shylock’s ready to take his bail. But at the last moment, the judge reminds Shylock that he must take only Antonio’s meat, and only exactly a pound and without a drop of blood, otherwise he, in violation of the conditions, is subject to cruel punishment by law. And Shylock agrees to pay the debt in threefold amount, but the judge does not agree to this, since this was not specified, he has already refused the money.

Under Venetian laws, when attempting to kill a citizen of the Republic, Shylock is obliged to give him half of his fortune, and the second part, as a fine, he must give to the Treasury. Now the life of a Jew depends only on the mercy of the head. Shylock is not going to ask for mercy, but he is left alive and given a fine. Antonio refuses to take from the Jew half of the amount put to him, but on condition that after the death of the Jew, this half will be be bequeathed to Lorenzo . Shylock must bequeath all his property to his son-in-law and daughter. And as a reward fictional judges take rings from their husbands.

Jessica and Lorenzo to Belmont preparing for the return of their owners.
Nerissa, Portia, their husbands, Antonio Graziano, meet sad. They talk and see that their husbands have lost the rings they gave them. Wives say they gave them to women, but husbands swear they didn’t. Women continue to play husbands, saying that they will now sleep with the judge and the scribe. But then they show the rings. Portia and Nerissa will confess to having played them. Portia gives a letter to Antonio saying that all his ships are safe. Nerissa gives Jessica and Lorenzo an act in which Shylock signs off all his wealth to them. Everyone comes into the house to hear the details of Nerissa’s adventures and Portia’s.


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