Spotlight 7. Английский в фокусе. 7 класс. Книга для чтения. Peter Pan. Ваулина Ю.Е. и др.

Книга для чтения «Питер Пэн» является составной частью учебно-методического комплекта по английскому языку для 7 класса общеобразовательных учреждений серии «Английский в фокусе». Книга для чтения состоит из двух частей. Первая часть – адаптация известной сказочной повести Джеймса Барри. Вторая часть содержит задания и упражнения по прочитанному материалу, пьесу на английском языке для постановки учащимися в школе и словарь.

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Spotlight 7. Английский в фокусе. 7 класс. Книга для чтения. Peter Pan. Ваулина Ю.Е. и др.

Chapter one. Peter pan breaks the calm

All children, except one child, grow up sooner or later. Wendy knew that for sure. It turned out this is how. When she was two years old, she played in the garden. She caught the eye of a surprisingly beautiful flower. She tore it off and ran to her mother. Wendy must have been very pretty at the time, because my mother, Mrs. darling, cried out.:

— What a pity you won’t stay like this forever!»

That’s all. But from that moment on, Wendy knew she was going to grow up. A person usually guesses about it when he turns two years old…

Wendy’s mother was extraordinary. First, she was beautiful. Second, she had a special, almost imperceptible smile hidden in the right corner of her mouth. Wendy couldn’t catch her. The smile showed — and immediately hid, as if it did not exist. And there was something about my mother’s character… well, just amazing, almost magical. I’ll try to explain it to you now. You know, there are such boxes. You open one, and in it — another, and in another — the third. And there’s always one more drawer to keep, no matter how much you open.

Dad, Mr. darling, that’s how he married mom. One day, almost a dozen young men suddenly found that they want to take her as a wife.

They immediately ran to propose to her. And dad hired a cab and got ahead of everyone. So he got his mother. All but the very smile and the very last drawer.

My mother respected my father very much because he worked in a Bank and understood such things as interest and shares, and this is often simply impossible to understand. But he said, «Interest is rising» or «Stocks are falling» — with such a view that everyone would have respected him.

By the way, Wendy came first, and then John, and then Michael.

When Wendy was born, her parents had a long discussion about whether to leave her or give her to someone else, because it’s not such a cheap thing to feed a child.

Mr. darling sat on the edge of the bed and counted, and Mrs. darling looked at him imploringly.

— Don’t interrupt, — he said. — I have a pound and seventeen pence in my pocket, and two and sixty at work.» I’ll stop drinking coffee at lunchtime, and your eighteen, and the pound you lent to your neighbor, and subtract seven… Why is the baby crying? So, forty-nine and subtract the child… You see, you hit me! In short, do you think we can live on nine hundred and ninety-seven pounds a year?

— We can, we can, — Mrs. darling assured him. She really wanted to keep the girl.

— Don’t forget the pig, — he warned her. A pound for a pig, a pound for measles and a half, and a whooping cough will cost no less than eight shillings.

The same experiences occurred when John and Michael appeared. But they were left in the house too.

And soon they could be seen on the street. All three important walked in accompanied by a nanny.

Mrs. darling loved to have everything in the house was, as it should, but Mr. darling loved that it was not worse than humans. So they could not do without a nanny. But since they were poor — in fact the children simply ravaged them for milk — in nannies, they had a large black dog-diver by the name of Nan. Before the Darlings hired her to their service, she was just nobody’s dog. True, she took great care of the children in General, and the Darlings met her in Kensington Park. There she spent her leisure time looking into baby carriages. It disliked a negligent nanny, whom she accompanied to the house and complained about them to their mistresses.

Nana wasn’t a nanny, she was pure gold. She bathed all three of them. She’d jump up at night if any of them even moved in their sleep. Her booth was right in the nursery. She has always unmistakably distinguished a cough that is not worth attention from a cough in which the throat must be tied with an old woolen stocking. Nana believed in the old-tested means, like the leaves of rhubarb, and did not trust all this new-fangled talk about germs.

It was nice to see how she led young Darlings in kindergarten, and built in a Ticker on growth and bringing in teeth the umbrella in case it rains. Nana was a model nanny in every way. And Mr. darling knew it perfectly well, though sometimes he was worried about the neighbors whispering about it.

He still held a position in the city and could not ignore it. At times it seemed to him that Nana did not admire him enough.

— Why, George, — Mrs. darling tried to reason with him. — Nana from you in raptures, as it did imperceptible sign to the children that they were especially affectionate with her father.

Sometimes in the nursery, opened the dance. Sometimes they were attended by Lisa, the only servant in the house. Oh, how funny it used to be! Mrs. darling herself danced the merriest. She crouched and circled so that only that smile was visible. If at that time a blunder to bawl Mrs. darling may be, and have been able finally that smile to catch. It was hard to imagine a simpler and happier family before Peter pan came along.

Mrs. darling first discovered it when she was putting her children’s minds in order. Haven’t you heard? It’s the custom of all good mothers. When children fall asleep, mothers clean their thoughts, put things in order and put all their thoughts in their places. When the child wakes up, all the whims are folded at the bottom of his head, and on top of the good feelings are put, well ventilated and cleaned for the night. And yet in the mind of every child has his own country Netinebudet, and most often — an island, very bright and colorful, with coral reefs, with a fast ship on the horizon, with the savages and dwarves. And most of these dwarves are tailors. There are also caves at the bottom of which rivers flow, and princesses, who also have six older brothers and an abandoned hut in the forest, and a very old woman, and her nose is crocheted. This would not be so difficult to handle, but it is not all. There’s still the first day of school, and the pond, and the murderers, and the cross stitch, and the verbs that require the dative case, and the Sunday pudding, and the three pence that will give, if you pull the milk tooth yourself, and so on, and so forth.

Of course, in the imagination of everyone — the country will Retinabuy. In his country, John, for example, lived in an overturned boat, Michael — in a wigwam, and Wendy — in a hut of tightly sewn together large leaves, and besides she had a pet wolf, whose parents left as a child. But with this small difference of the island will Retinabuy like each other like brothers, which is always the same noses. On these magic shores, children playing, always pull on shore with their fishing boats. We with you in childhood, too, there have visited. We can still hear the sound of the surf, but we will never land on the other side.

Sometimes, in making a journey through the thoughts of her children, Mrs. darling came across strange words, and the most depressing was the word «Peter.» She was not personally familiar with any of Peter, but in my mind John and Michael, he was caught often and in the mind of Wendy, the word is caught just at every step. The name was written there in larger letters than all the other words. Looking closely at it, Mrs. darling found that it looked very strange and daring.

— Yes, Peter is very arrogant, — Wendy admitted with a sigh when her mother asked her about him.

But who is he, my daughter?

— He’s just Peter pan, mommy. You know that.

At first Mrs. darling couldn’t remember anyone by that name. And then, mentally reaching her childhood, she suddenly remembered some of Peter pan, which said that he lives where fairies. When she was small, she, of course, this believed, but now she was married and sensible woman, so decisively yesterday in existence of such a individual.

— Among other things, — she remarked to Wendy, — it’s high time he grew up.

— Oh, no, it’s not growing, — Wendy told her. — He’s like, well, like me.

Mrs. darling decided to consult Mr. darling. But he only smiled indulgently.

— Mark my words. It’s just some bullshit that Nana put in their heads. The dog could come by such a fantasy. Disregard. Passes.

But it didn’t go away. And soon the obnoxious boy frightened poor Mrs. darling to death.

One morning, she opened Mrs. darling’s something that extremely worried her. In the nursery on the floor there were leaves that were not there when the children went to bed. Mrs. darling tried unsuccessfully to find the key to the mystery when Wendy smiled indulgently.:

— It’s probably Peter again.


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