Spotlight 5. Английский в фокусе. 5 класс. Книга для чтения. Ваулина Ю.Е. и др.

Старинная английская сказка «Джек и бобовое зернышко» впервые выходит в серии «Английский в фокусе» в 2008 году в переложении русских и английских авторов. Эта книга для домашнего чтения состоит из 8 глав и отдельно 1-й главы Activities, которая предлагает учащимся подробно разобраться в каждом эпизоде сказки с помощью дополнительных заданий и упражнений. Приложение включает словарь в картинках, обогащающий лексику читателей, и сценарий сказки для драматизации в трех сценах.

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Spotlight 5. Английский в фокусе. 5 класс. Книга для чтения. Ваулина Ю.Е. и др.

Once upon a time there was a poor widow, and she had only one son, Jack, and a cow, a Squirrel. The cow gave milk every morning, and the mother and son sold it in the market — and this lived. But once the White gave no milk and they just didn’t know what to do.

What should we do? How to be? mother kept saying, wringing her hands.

— Cheer up, mother! — Jack said. — I’ll get a job with someone.

— But you really tried to engage, only nobody takes, — answered mother. — No, see, we have to sell our White and used the money to open a store or some other business to do.

— Very well, mother, — agreed Jack. — Today as times market day, and I very much alive will sell Belyanka. And then we’ll decide what to do.

And that took Jack in hand halter and led the cow to market. But not too far away, as I met with some wonderful old man.

— Good morning, Jack! the old man said.

— Good morning. — Jack answered, and he is surprised: how does the old man know his name?

— Well, Jack, where are you going? the old man asked.

— To the market, sell the cow.

— Okay. Who better to sell cows than you! the old man laughed. — Tell me, how many beans does it take to make five?»

— Exactly two in each hand and one in your mouth! — Jack answered: he was not a miss.

— That’s right! the old man said. — Look,here they are, these beans! and the old man pulled a handful of strange beans out of his pocket. — And since you’re so smart, — the old man went on, — I’d like to trade beans with you, I’ll have a cow!»

— Go on, you’re on your way! Jack was angry. — That would be better!

— Er, you don’t know what the beans are, — said the old man. — Plant them in the evening, and by morning they will grow to the sky.»

— Really? Really? — surprised Jack.

— The real truth! And if you don’t — you take your cow back.

— Okay! — Jack agreed: gave the old man a White, and the beans put it in his pocket.

Jack turned back and came home before it gets dark.

— How! Are you back yet, Jack? mother was surprised. I see Butterflies with you there, so you sold it? How much did you get for it?

— You’ll never guess, mother! Jack replied.

— Really? You good boy! Five pounds? Ten? Fifteen? Well, they wouldn’t give twenty!

— I said you couldn’t guess! What do you say to these beans? They’re magical. Plant them tonight and…

— What?! Jack’s mother cried. — Are you such a fool, such a fool, such an ass, that you gave my Squirrel, the mildest cow in the whole district, and besides, a smooth, well-fed, for a handful of some bad beans?» Here’s to you! Here’s to you! Here’s to you! And your precious beans — out the window!.. Well, now go to sleep! And don’t ask me to eat — you won’t get a SIP or a bite!

And so Jack went up to his attic, to her room, a sad-prekrastny: and mother was sorry, and he no dinner.

Finally he fell asleep.

When I woke up, I barely recognized my room. The sun lit up only one corner, and it was dark all around.

Jack jumped out of bed, dressed, and went to the window. What did he see? It’s like a big tree. And these are his beans. Jack’s mother threw them out of the window into the garden that night, and they sprouted, and the great stalk went on and on and on until it reached the sky. So the old man was telling the truth!

The Beanstalk grew near the Jack window. Jack opened the window, jumped onto the stalk and began to climb up like stairs. All climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed until they finally reached the sky. There he saw a long and wide road, straight as an arrow. I went down this road, and I kept walking, and walking, and walking, until I come to a great,great big house. And at the threshold of this house there was a huge-enormous tall woman.

— Good morning, Madam! Jack said very politely. — Would you be so kind as to give me something to eat?»

After Jack went to bed without dinner and were now hungry like the wolf.

— You want Breakfast? — said a huge,enormous, tall woman. — Yes, you yourself will get others for Breakfast if you don’t get out of here! My husband is an Ogre, and his favorite food is the boys, fried in breadcrumbs. You’d better leave while you’re safe, or he’ll be back soon.

— Oh, mA’am, please give me something to eat!» Jack snapped. — I haven’t had a crumb in my mouth since yesterday morning. I’m telling the truth. Does it matter if they fry me or I starve to death?

Need to say, that cannibal was is not a bad woman. She took Jack to the kitchen and gave him a piece of bread and cheese and a jug of milk. But no sooner had Jack to eat half of the Breakfast, when suddenly — the-top! top! top! — the whole house was shaking from someone’s steps.

Oh, God! My old man! the Ogre gasped. — What to do? Jump over here!

And she only succeeded in pushing Jack into the oven as he entered the Ogre.

So great is he was — a mountain-a mountain! On his belt hung three calves, tied by the legs. The Ogre untied them, threw them on the table and said::

— Oh, wife, fry me some for Breakfast! Whoa! What’s that smell?
The British spirit I feel there.
Dead or alive., —
Gets on my Breakfast.

— Yes that you, hubby? his wife said. — You imagined. Or maybe it still smells like that little boy we had for lunch yesterday — remember, you liked him. You’d better wash and change while I make Breakfast.

The Ogre went out, and Jack was about to get out of the oven and run away, but the cannibal did not let him.

— Wait till he falls asleep, — she said. He always goes to bed after Breakfast.

So the man-eater ate Breakfast, then went to a huge chest, took out two bags of gold and sat down to count coins. Felt-thought, finally began to nod and snore, so much so that once again shook the whole house.

Then Jack slowly got out of the kiln crept on tiptoe past the Ogre, grabbed one bag of gold and give God your feet! he ran to the Beanstalk. He threw the bag down into the garden, and began to descend the stalk lower and lower, until finally he found himself at his house.

Jack told his mother about everything that had happened to him, handed her a bag of gold and said:

— Is it true what I said about my beans, mother?» See, they’re really magical!

And now Jack mother began to live on the money that was in the bag. But in the end the bag was empty, and Jack decided to try his luck at the top of the Beanstalk. One fine morning he got up early and climbed the Beanstalk, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed, and climbed, until finally he found himself on a familiar road and got on it to a huge,enormous tall house. As last time, a huge, enormous, tall woman stood at the threshold.

— Good morning, mA’am, — Jack said to her as if nothing had happened. — Would you be so kind as to give me something to eat, please?»

— Get out of here, boy! the giantess replied. — Or my husband will eat you at Breakfast. Uh, no, wait a minute, aren’t you the boy who came here the other day? You know, the same day my husband lost a bag of gold.

— What wonders, Madame! — Jack says. — I really could have something to say about that, but I am so hungry, that before I eat a bite, not a word to utter.

Then the giant was so curious that she let Jack in and gave him something to eat. Jack deliberately began to chew as slowly as possible. But suddenly — the-top! top! top! the giant’s footsteps were heard, and the giant put Jack back in the oven.

Then it was like the last time the Ogre came in, said, «Phi-Phi-Pho-Pham…»and so on, had Breakfast with three roasted bulls, and then ordered his wife:

— Wife, bring me the hen that lays the Golden eggs!»

The giant brought it, and the Ogre said to the hen, «Go!»and she laid a Golden egg. Then the Ogre began to nod and snore so that the whole house shook.

Then Jack slowly got out of the oven, caught hold of the Golden hen, and suddenly came off. But then the chicken began to cackle and woke the Ogre. And just as Jack was running out of the house, the giant’s voice was heard.:

— Wife, Hey, wife, don’t touch my Golden chicken!

And wife him in the answer:

— What do you think, husband?»

Only Jack managed to hear. He ran at full speed to the Beanstalk and flew down it.

Back home, Jack showed his mother the wonderful hen and shouted:

— Be fast!

And the hen laid the Golden egg. Since then, whenever Jack told her to «go!»the hen carried the Golden egg.

That’s it. But Jack thought this was not enough, and soon he again decided to try his luck at the top of the Beanstalk. One fine morning he got up early and climbed the Beanstalk, and kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing, and climbing, until he got to the top. However, this time he was careful to enter the cannibal house at once, and crept up to him slowly and hid in the bushes. Waited until the giant went with a bucket of water, and — shmyg in the house! He climbed into the copper pot and waits. He did not wait long; suddenly he hears a familiar «top! top! top!»And here I enter into the room the Ogre with his wife.

— Fi-Fi-Fi-fo-FAM, spirit of Briton can smell there! the Ogre shouted. — I feel, I feel, wife.

— Can you smell that, husband? the giantess says. — Well, if it’s the brat who stole your gold and the hen with the Golden eggs, he’s certainly in the oven!»

And both rushed to the stove. Well, that Jack not in it hid!

— Always «Fi-Fi-fo-FAM!»the cannibal said. — Yes, it’s that boy smell, what you caught last night. I just cooked it for you for Breakfast. What a memory! Yes, you’re too good — for many years have not learned to distinguish the living spirit from the dead!

Finally the Ogre sat down to Breakfast. But he kept mumbling.:

— Yeah, but I could have sworn it… and rising from the table, searched the pantry, and chests, and the underground rebels… All the angles and corners were searched, and the only copper pot look guessed.

But here is had Breakfast an Ogre and shouted:

— Wife, wife, bring me my Golden harp!» His wife brought the harp and placed it on the table in front of him.

— Sing! the giant harp ordered.


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